Causes of Facial Aging and How Botox Can Help

There are a number of treatments available to help minimize the signs of aging. So, which treatment is best for your skin? Talk to our team of professional healthcare professionals today about what treatment will work best for your skin. Call us or book an appointment

Causes of Facial Aging and How Botox Can Help

What is the best treatment for an aging face?

There are several different kinds of treatment available to help minimize the signs of aging. Like any type of treatment, our response to treatment is going to be different from someone else’s and so the best treatment is going to be unique to each individual, based on their personal needs and their genetic makeup. Aging skin is inevitable and can’t be stopped or completely reversed, however the signs of it can be slowed down and minimized through a variety of skin care treatment options. There are many types of age reducing treatments on the market today, with creams, peels and lotions available through a wide variety of retailers and dermatologists. Dermatologists and other trained practitioners, including plastic surgeons, can also perform a number of invasive and non-invasive procedures to revitalize the skin, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and give the face a fresh, youthful and healthy glow. Non-invasive procedures can include things like chemical peels and dermabrasion that don’t pierce the skin’s surface. Invasive procedures do require breaking the skin’s surface, although in many cases it is through the use of fine needles that don’t leave marks such as microneedling or Botox injections. And then of course there are the surgical options that are more invasive such as face lifts. To determine the best treatment option for you, it is best to work with your dermatologist, a plastic surgeon or another trained practitioner to weight out the pros and cons of each treatment based on your unique case and end goal.

How can I stop my face from aging?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the process of aging, as much as we would like to. It is a fact of life that we all go through and at some point, we will all develop wrinkles, although some people may take longer to form them. While we can’t stop aging, we are able to slow it down and minimize the inevitable signs of aging that show on our face. Ensuring you take proper care of your skin can help slow down the signs of aging – making sure you are washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, using a good quality moisturizer, exfoliating as needed and protecting your skin from the harmful effects from the sun. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of speeding up the signs of aging, so it is important to always use a broad spectrum sunscreen on any exposed skin with a minimum SPF 30 and reapply it every 2 hours. Where possible, avoid being in direct sunlight during the peak hours of the day and cover exposed skin with clothes or a hat if possible.

Where can I get Botox on my face?

Botox can help with signs of aging on pretty much any part of the face. On the upper half of the face, it can be used to help relax the muscles that cause horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the top of the nose and lines around the eyes called crow’s feet. On the lower half of the face, it can be used for lines around the lips, lines on the chin, horizontal and vertical lines on the neck and to help treat teeth grinding by relaxing the muscles in the jaw. Botox works by relaxing the muscles in the face to prevent them from contracting and causing the skin to form wrinkles. While Botox does work on several areas of the face, it is recommended to only focus on a couple of targeted areas at the most at one time. Using Botox on too many areas at the same time can cause the face to appear frozen due to the muscles being relaxed and not able to move.

How long between treatments should I get Botox?

The time needed between Botox treatments will depend on how your skin responds to the treatment, as well as how prominent the wrinkles and lines are in the area of your face that you are looking to improve. Most clients find that they need to plan for three to six months between treatments, and that they are able to go longer between treatments with continued, regular Botox injections. The muscles can become weaker over time and with ongoing treatments, meaning that clients can stretch out the time closer to the six month mark.

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