IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy

IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy Questions and Answers

IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy is one of many crazes in the health world, but many people wonder if it works and if its right for them. To learn more about this treatment and find out how it can benefit you, reach out to the team at New Look Med Spa by giving us a call or booking an appointment online. We are located at 31500 W 13 Mile Road Ste 100 Farmington Hills MI 48334.

IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy Near Me in Farmington Hills, MI
IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy Near Me in Farmington Hills, MI

What is IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy?

IV hydration therapy has recently gained popularity as a way to provide your body with vitamins and nutrients quickly and easily. It is highly personalized, based on what your body is feeling or experiencing, that is injected into your body through an intravenous drip. Each vitamin cocktail is custom-made with a variety of vitamins and minerals that are thought to cure a whole host of physical ailments that people may feel, including jet lag, healthy skin, hangovers and anything that can be chalked up to a vitamin, nutrient or mineral deficiency. They can also be used for preventative purposes, with a boost of specific vitamins or minerals designed to help the body fight off illnesses and infections by giving the body a jolt of specific ingredients. The vitamins are administered through an IV, which also provides additional hydration to the body so the body gets not only some extra vitamins, but also increases the body’s current hydration. At New Look Med Spa, we work with our patients to understand what they are looking to gain from IV vitamin therapy and then will build them a cocktail of vitamins, nutrients and minerals specific to their needs.

What is IV hydration good for?

IV vitamin therapy can help with many different health concerns, depending on the blend of vitamins and minerals that are combined together and injected into the body. With IV vitamin therapy, the vitamins are injected directly into the blood, resulting in a higher absorption rate than if a person had taken the exact same vitamins orally. This will increase the benefits of the vitamins, and provide faster results. People who are unable to orally ingest food or vitamins, or have a condition that prevents them from properly absorbing nutrients from food are good candidates for this type of therapy. It has been shown to have benefits also for people with medical conditions such as migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, sinus and respiratory tract infections, fibromyalgia, muscles spasms and other issues. They have also been shown to be beneficial on an as needed basis for recovery from things such as running a marathon, hangovers and stress relief. The team at New Look Med Spa will work with each individual to determine what they are looking to use IV vitamin therapy for, and either build out a single session mixture or build out a multiple session program to get them the results they are looking for.

What are the benefits of IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy?

There are many benefits to undergoing an IV vitamin hydration therapy session, depending on what the individual’s goals are. Each session is unique to the person receiving the therapy, with a custom-made solution based on their needs. The sessions are quick, typically lasting between 20 minutes and an hour, and minimally invasive. The patient will be hooked up to an IV at the start of their appointment, after which they get to sit or lay back and relax while the solution flows into their body. IV vitamin therapy injects the vitamins directly into the recipient’s blood stream, which has been shown to have a higher absorption rate into the body than ingesting vitamins orally, either through foods we eat or supplements. This means that a higher portion of the vitamin get absorbed into the body and can be used as intended much quicker. IV vitamin therapy should only be administered by a certified provider, such as the team at New Look Med Spa.

When will I feel the results?

Due to the method of administration of the vitamins directly into the bloodstream, they are absorbed much faster and at a higher rate than vitamins and minerals that are consumed through the food we eat, what we drink or supplements we take. The results can be felt fairly quickly following treatment, as the vitamins hit the bloodstream right away. Your certified IV vitamin therapy provider will be able to go through the details of your injection with you thoroughly prior to your treatment. They can explain what is being injected, what the benefits will be, how fast you will experience an improvement, how long the injection will last and every other detail of your personal vitamin therapy session. Your health and well-being are top of mind for the team at New Look Med Spa, and we will ensure you are well informed prior to receiving your first treatment. New Look Med Spa is located at 31500 W 13 Mile Road Ste 100 Farmington Hills MI 48334. We serve clients from Farmington Hills MI, Novi MI, Livonia MI, Canton MI, Pontiac MI, Troy MI, and Ann Arbor MI.